bon voyage.

It’s official… they’re moving to Australia. Tonight Shmer, Dan & Dyllan will board their 17 hour flight to Sydney and begin the next chapter of their lives.

Selfishly, I’m sad that one of my dearest friends will be halfway around the world but I know this is going to be an amazing adventure for their growing family. Shmer’s one of the girlfriends I talk to multiple times a week so I’m hoping we quickly figure out the best way to keep up our convos. Thank goodness for instant messenger, Skype, the iPhone and blogs. Phew – I think we’ll be okay! Plus, I know Shmer will keep up the BabyFigNewton Blog which I’ll be stalking even more than normal. Can’t wait for all the pics of Dyllan on the beach. And I can’t wait for her to have an Aussie accent. Just when you think a baby can’t get any cuter… 
It’s funny how quickly life can change. Danny and I had plane tickets to visit the Newton’s in Seattle this weekend. Within a week, three one-way tickets to Sydney were purchased and ours were cancelled. 
Shmizz, Dan & Dyll Pickle – I love your spirit and attitude about life. In so many ways I’m ridiculous jealous of your new adventure. It’s so exciting! I’m gonna miss you tons and hate the thought of you being so far away but I know we’ll chat lots and see each other as often as possible – especially this year. So glad there’s a return date in sight. Countdown? I think so. Can’t wait for Australia trip number two. 
Save travels tonight. DJ Snail will do great. Give us a call/text when you get settled in. Love you guys, t&d.
p.s. Shmer packed one suitcase for this move. One… clothes, shoes, toiletries, purses, accessories… Insane. Dan – three bags (iron man gear, duh). Dyllan – one bag + accessories. Now that’s impressive.  


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