happy birthday, dad.

Today’s my dad’s birthday. To say I’m a Daddy’s Girl would be an extreme understatement.

My dad and I have a very close bond. He’s pushed me to try anything and everything… To be feminine yet tough. Play piano and sports. To travel the world. Go away to college. Join a sorority. Differentiate between needs and wants. Always give back and help when you can. Be organized. Know when to apologize. Avoid unnecessary stress and have everything done a day before the deadline. Enjoy simple beauty in the world – waterfalls, rivers and streams. Read books. Put yourself in uncomfortable situations – you will grow. To save & to splurge. Be careful with your words; remember – Ready, Aim, Fire (not the other way around). You have two ears and one mouth because you should listen more and talk less. Laugh at yourself. You’re a woman, be soft. Always pick your battles. Cut people slack. When you have the chance, always dance. 
He’s encouraged me to remember these four phrases while I work my way though life…
this too shall pass.
expect the unexpected.
make do.
If you’ve spent time with Bill you’ve probably heard him remind me of at least a handful of these things at any given time. They should be trademarked phrases and I love them all — even though they’ve garnered their fair share of eye rolls from me over the years.   
Throughout the different phases of my life they meant different things… childhood, high school, college, studying abroad, first jobs and now as a wife. I find Danny and me turning to them now more than ever… I love my Dad and Danny’s bond. It’s close. Danny loves my dad and I know the feeling is mutual. I’m sure Danny and I will find ourselves spewing these nuggets of “Bill Wisdom” at our kids in the future. 
Dad, we wish we could be there to celebrate Awesome You today but know you’re in good hands with the rest of the Schramm Clan. Happy Birthday Love from Phoenix. xo, tl, d and hunterman.

we love you tons.
TL, Danny & Hunterman

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