it’s a bug’s birthday down under.

I can’t believe Dyllan Grace is one today! I know I’m not alone when I say I’ll never forget the day she was born… I’m sure a lot of my girlfriends are nodding in agreement right now.

Shmer was the one of our first friends to take the pregnancy plunge. It was so exciting and new to all of us and we couldn’t wait to meet “The Fig” (her nickname because the first week Shmer signed up for the BabyCenter e-mails, they said the baby was the size of the Fig – both funny and fitting since their last name is Newton).

We were expecting the “we’re in labor” text/call in late March so when it came through from Dan (Shmer’s hubby) one morning in January – 9 weeks early – the emotions were mixed. We were excited, scared, nervous and wishing so badly we lived in Seattle to help and hug.

Us friends throughout the country stayed close via non-stop texts, picture messages and lots of the telephone game each time a new bit of info came in… it was an emotionally exhausting day but with a very happy ending. Shmer and Dan became proud parents to a little fighter – Baby Dyllan Grace – weighing in at just 3lbs 14oz. She was tiny but perfect.

Shmer & Dan – you guys are fabulous parents and the non-stop smiles on your baby girl shows you’re doing it right. She’s seriously such a beautiful baby, is full of personality and we’re so proud to be Aunt Teri & Uncle Danny. Keep the photos, videos and updates coming of the new adventure Down Under!

Happy 1st Birthday, Dyllbug! 

{dyllan’s 1st birthday party in australia… “bugs” themed}

{so teeny tiny… almost 5 pounds and just 6 weeks old}

{the first time we met} 

{she was obsessively checking her facebook page}

{bug in the pouch}

{just chillin with auntie colby}

{auntie jenny is sooo cool, mom} 

{auntie carlye, you’re a natural at this}
For photos and videos from Dyllan’s first year, check out the BabyFigNewton Blog!


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