Danny is currently at the movies with Alex watching The Mechanic. Seemed like the perfect flick for the boys. The movie poster is a giant gun made out of a bunch of little guns. Eh, yeah.

I wonder if he misses me just a little bit right now. Why? Well because we were at the movies last weekend and realized how many little rituals are involved in our simple outings to the theater… the parking, the snacks, the seats, the preview thumb ratings. I smile thinking about all the times we’ve done this exact same routine over the past eight years. Funny to think that movie dates used to be a little awkward… now it almost feels awkward to go without each other. It’s just one of our things and we have it down pat.

…we always…
park on Quail at the Esplanade. 
divide and conquer snacks & seats. 
popcorn, jalapenos & a large cherry coke. 
break right entering the theater.
sit top middle.*
thumb rate each preview. 
thumb rate at the end of the movie.

*Isn’t it funny how everyone has such a personal preference on theater seats? It’s kinda funny to go with different people and see where they like to sit.

We recently saw The King’s Speech and loved it. Other top movies on our list right now include The Kids Are All Right, The Fighter, True Grit and Black Swan. I guess we’ve seen quite a few movies lately. In fact, we’ve seen 8/10 nominees for Best Picture at the Academy Awards… what are your recent picks?

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