thinking of our little lady today.

Happy 4th Birthday Miss Sydney! We’re all thinking about you today. In fact, Huntie has been playing lots with your yellow soccer ball this week and he’s been sleeping in your old spot next in bed – right next to dad.

We can’t tell you how much we miss your sassy ways around here. We’ve made good on our promise and talk about you every day which always makes us laugh… your complete lack of manners and how you’d “tank” over anyone and anything to get where you were going… the way you’d get all sassy and pillow fight on the bed… how you’d patiently wait for dad to finish his popsicle and then race over for the stick… your stink eye looks back at us from the end of the couch… and Christmas just wasn’t the same without you attacking every roll of wrapping paper. You definitely added a lot of humor and drama in our lives and we sure do miss it!

In honor of your birthday, we’ll go on an extra short walk tonight – we know those were your favorite.
Happy Birthday, Puss! 
{the pretty framed collage of you that grandma vicky made for mom, dad & huntie}

{our sick, skinny, only one ear up, 3lb baby girl on day one}

{it was love at first sight for all of us}
{best friends from day one}
{modeling grandma sandy’s overalls}

{our silly little lady. one of dad’s favorite photos}
{celebrating at dad’s luau birthday pool party. you loved to socialize}

{posing for aunt jenny’s photo shoot}

{i haaaatteee clothes. take it off. take it off.}

{sittin’ pretty and sunning that tummy of yours. nice sports bra.}

{playing with her beloved yellow soccer ball on last year’s birthday}

{her 3rd birthday photo. right after hunter popped her yellow ball – she’s not happy}
{helping dad drive home from grandma & grandpa’s in tucson}

{i love you brother}


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