tonehead turns twenty-eight.

Happy Birthday, Tone! No, her name is not really Tone. It’s Sarah. Why Tone? Well, when we rushed Alpha Phi in college there were like six Sarah’s in our pledge class. Sarah came to college with two-toned hair – black on the bottom and bleach blond on top. So, she was nicknamed “Sarah Two-Tone” which ultimately became Tone. It honestly feels really weird to call her Sarah. That’s how official this name is.

Oh the memories and photos Tone and I share from college… Europe… and our early 20’s… wow. Back to the days of caboodles, late nights on the second floor, country in the beast and back scratches – I can honestly say you’ve saved my life a few times with your ridiculously amazing back scratches. But thinking about it, I’ve saved yours – from the wrath of Colby and her lasso blow dryer.

Tone – you are fab girlfriend. You’ve found your true calling with Green Leaf Nutrition,  you’re living the Southern California life you’ve always dreamed of and I’m so happy for you! Hope BK spoil you rotten today – let loose. Have an extra glass of birthday wine for me tonight. 

{a day at the del mar races}
{manhattan beach, california 2010}
{santa barbara, california – summer 2009}

{a night out in nyc – september 2006}

{game night with BK, colbs & jake}
 {out on the town in chicago in march 2009}

{we heart the hotel del coronado. an afternoon with the girls. memorial day 2007}

{tone’s OC golden girls + 1 arizona lady}
for the love of reminiscing…
{spring break 2005. acapulco, mexico. nothing like a little sun poisoning… followed by a “shot off” with colbs. that led to another day of poisoning. oh, the memories!}

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