what would you do?

…we’ve played this game a lot tonight. What would you do if you won a million dollars? Wait, make that $355 million dollars. 

I don’t typically watch the local news but I decided to watch a bit tonight. The first story was about the $355 million mega lottery drawing being held tonight. It’s the second largest jackpot in lotto history. The winning numbers will be pulled at 9p.m. Tickets are on sale until 7:59p.m. Is it fate that I saw that? 

I immediately texted Danny and told him to swing by the gas station on his way home from work – we need tickets. The first place he stopped had a line out the door. 
We’re gonna win tonight. I just know it. Have you ever played the lotto? We’re not regulars so this is all really exciting. Your mind wanders. You really do start to believe you’re going to win. Wait, I do believe. Just 10 more minutes…
p.s. if this jackpot goes rolls over… the next lotto will be the largest jacket ever. 

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