and the oscar goes to…

I love the Academy Awards. I love awards shows in general but the Oscars take the cake for me with the Grammys a close second. I that these shows are always on a Sunday… it’s the perfect day to make snacks, lounge on the couch, watch E!’s red carpet special and battle with Ting as we guess in each category. It should be extra fun this year since we’ve seen a lot of the movies – 8/10 for Best Picture along with a handful of other nominees (we added Exit Through The Gift Shop to our list last night). We def have our favorites (King’s Speech, True Grit, Social Network, Black Swan & The Kids Are All Right) and least favorite (Animal Kingdom – sorry Aussie friends).

This year, I organized my company’s Oscar Pool. Here’s the nifty guessing sheet… I have everyone’s guesses and will be scoring throughout the show to see who will take home the $50 pot. An extra bit of fun for tonight.

happy sunday & happy academy awards watching.


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