hair envy.

A girlfriend recently posted this on her blog…isn’t that the truth! Totally made me laugh.

I’m obsessed with hair… I dream of those long, perfectly wavy locks that seem to compliment every outfit. I’ve tried to fake it, which only lasts so long, so I’ve recently turned to high doses of Biotin & Trader Joe’s Prenatal Vitamins which is def working. However, I’ve accepted a luscious, long, feminine mane like Jenny, Tiffany, Stephanie, Lacey or Donna (the list goes on and on) – actual girlfriends of mine – is just not in my deck of cards. This of course, only makes my obsession worse – knowing that real girls have real hair that looks like this (because, of course, all celebrities have extensions. Yhis is what we tell ourselves to soothe the envy).

This unhealthy hair obsession is one of the many things my BFF Colby and I have in common. We both catch ourselves staring at the heads of other women and will go out of our way to compliment a stranger with beautiful hair. Danny gets so embarrassed and has to tell me, “babe – stop staring at her hair.” Until the day Colbs and I miraculously wake up with manes, we’ll forever bitch about our thin threads.

While Colby focuses on the longer locks, I fixate on the perfect ponytails and buns. I recently saw this photo and oh what I’d give to have a bun like this. The photographed woman did this how-to, but let’s face it… you can’t get the bun unless you have the hair. Oh, I dream.

(Photo by Anna Wolf for YSL)

My attempt at the Parisian chignon. Looks better in the photo than real life, especially the front – trust me.

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  • Reply February 10, 2011

    Matt and Mallary

    AMEN! I have the finest hair in the WORLD… and I’m not saying “fine” like a fine ass, I’m saying “fine” like thin, dry and splitty. BOO HOO. Totally feel your pain and TOTALLY have done the stranger compliment (which is semi-insincere b/c I’m actually extremely jealous). Oh well, as my mom would say, “we have other gifts”.
    PS – great photography or not… your bun looks identical to the photo above…

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