happy birthday, queen dogg.

As many of you know, I affectionately call my mother-in-law Dogg. It always throws people off a little bit… you call your mother-in-law dogg? Yup! It all started with Vick Dogg which inevitably shortened to Dogg and stuck. She knows it’s out of love and doesn’t really mind it… maybe she even likes it?

The Dogg’s birthday deserves to be celebrated in a big way so I’m happy to hear “the friends” are hosting a celebratory dinner tonight. Vicky is absolutely wonderful and I’m so lucky to have her in my life. With my parents living on the west coast it’s been such a blessing to have Danny’s parents nearby and around a lot (wink wink). They’re very hands-on and a major part of our life… everything from helping with remodels and Vicky me teaching me little tips and tricks for household things to helping babysit Huntie while we travel, providing sound advice (Vicky is a great listener) and most importantly being super fun weekend dinner buddies. I love Vicky’s infectious laugh, her dance moves, love of music and Riesling. She’s a wonderful wife, mom, mom-in-law, daughter, friend and soon-to-be grandma.

Dogg, we hope you have a wonderful birthday! Love you tons, xo your son Danny, Teri & Huntie.
{especially for you today}

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