monday-friday. this is real life.

My company is switching things up this year. We have a new GM, new paint on the walls, new creative being displayed and everyone at the agency is moving offices and cubicles this week.

Before purging and packing my cube, I thought it was only appropriate to take some photos of where I’ve spent the vast majority my life the past 3.3 years. I did some calculations and that’s more than 6,000 hours in this very spot… facing a brown wall. That number doesn’t include weekends, holidays or vacation time. This is absolutely a place worth documenting if you ask me. Danny agreed and decided to document his work space as well. He’s been with his company since June 2004 – 6.5 years – double my numbers of days & hours.

So for our memories and your viewing pleasure, here’s a glimpse into mine and Danny’s Monday through Friday life. After all, this blog is supposed to capture our real life… and well folks, work is real life.

…teri’s nine to five reality…
{my drive into the office. palm lane}

{my office building. i’m on the 18th floor}

{view from the conference rooms. i love looking out at camelback mountain}

{that’s camelback mountain on the far right. see it?}

{we’re in advertising & pr. those are creative ideas, taglines, etc. on the walls. yes, we actually do this}

{my totally awesome corner office cubical}

{random collection of knick knacks, frames, pictures and gifted things}

{just another day in the office…}

{note: pretty much always in headphones}


the end. adios cube. nice working with ya. it’s been real.

…danny’s monday – friday digs… 

{sunset view of the camelback corridor}

{you know you’re cool when your name is in frosted glass on your office}

{that’s a really awesome nerdy headpiece, danny}

{making deals happen}

{my personal favorite… i think he thought this was a magazine cover shoot}
photo credit: kayman wong

{this reinforces my “we’re all lab rats” theory – don’t get me started.}
{nerdy dual computer screens. notice – zero photos of the wife}
Now you can visualize us when you call and email during the day! My girlfriends and I played this game a while ago and it was pretty fun. Everyone snapped a quick photo of their workspace and emailed it to the group. I love being able to visualize people in their real spaces. 


  • Reply February 10, 2011

    Rachel + Mikis

    love this post!

  • Reply February 11, 2011

    Erica Newton

    Oh my gosh, I love this!! What a fun post.. hahha Danny’s “Working Life” Magazine cover shoot.. I love all the reenactments.

    It is so fun to see peoples office space- its funny how a cube can look so different, depending on who you are and how you decorate (if you can even call decorating a cute decorating)

    I think you will have to post an update when you move offices (er cubes..).

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