playing house.

I’ve recently told a few people that sometimes I still feel like I’m playing house. Do you ever feel like that?

Sure, D and I are pretty grown up by certain standards – married, jobs, dog, house – but I still get those waves of excitement when I realize Danny and I can do anything we want and there really isn’t anyone who can stop us. If we want to lock ourselves in the house and eat pizza in our bed all weekend – we totally can. And unless we told people about it, it would forever be our little secret. Such a fun chapter of life.

Last night I went to happy hour with a group of sorority sisters who represent another chapter of my life. I was an Alpha Phi at UofA and it was the best college experience ever. Although none of us girls were super close in college, it doesn’t really matter – we have a UA, Alpha Phi connection – which makes it easy to hang out. Sounds cheesy but it’s true. It’s always fun to get together with these Phoenix Phis.

I guess in some ways growing up isn’t so bad…. The girls get less catty. You have a tad bit more money to spend on fun things like vacations. And after a wine night with girlfriends you get to come home to your live-in boyfriend, eat dinner on the couch and watch Modern Family.

{my view last night}

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