super bowl sunday eats.

We’re not football fans but we do enjoy Super Bowl Sunday for very obvious reasons – I love the ads & homemade Chex Mix and Danny loves the pizza, wings & beer.
Jared’s in town so the three of us are having a mini party. The plan is to start the day with brunch at The Vig before heading home to “watch the game” and cook. Each person is responsible for contributing something traditional to the party. Jared is making guacamole, I’m making homemade baked buffalo wings (recipe here) and Chex Mix (recipe here) and Danny’s on the pizza and beer.
Since we’ve enjoyed cooking lately, we decided to forego our usual Sunday takeout pizza last weekend and went the homemade route. We called our friend Matt – who’s very talented in the kitchen – to get his homemade pizza recipes. Little did he know we’d be calling him every 20 minutes for clarification over the next two hours (sorry stick!) but we wanted it to be perfect. And oh my goodness – delicious! We highly recommend Matt Dewey’s Margarita Pizza. We’re thinking this may be on the menu tonight and suggest you add it to your Super Bowl feast as well.
Matt Dewey’s Homemade Margarita Pizza




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