this is how we roll (bad sushi pun).

Saturday night’s forecast was cold and rainy so we decided it was the perfect night to stay in and try making sushi for the first time. A few “how-to” YouTube videos later, we were off to the store for all our supplies… bamboo mat roller, seaweed, sushi grade fish and super sticky rice. Surprisingly we already had most of the ingredients at home. We weren’t quite sure what to expect but felt confident and were excited to give it a go.

We’ve heard mixed reviews about homemade sushi but we found it to be pretty easy, so much fun and it tasted awesome. I have to give serious props to Sushi Master Dan since I pretty much sat at the sushi bar and watched. He made awesome salmon and tuna nigiri, homemade crab mix for California rolls, a Philly roll, a rainbow roll and some other creations using salmon, tuna, crab, avocado, cucumbers and seaweed. Yum. My contribution was homemade turkey & veggie lettuce wrap appetizers and beer refills.

We both agree that sushi making would be a really fun at-home date night with other couples. Who’s in?

{making my turkey and veggie lettuce wraps appetizers}

{enjoying our lettuce wraps at the “sushi bar”}

{his first creation}

{danny’s little sous chef helping with clean-up aka scrap catching}
{the first piece of salmon nigiri. looks just like the restaurants, huh? tastes like it too}

{a real sushi chef always wears a headband}
{the first maki sushi – delicious and picture perfect}

{danny’s first “inside out” roll topped with toasted sesame seeds}

{he’s so proud of himself. this is the “come on, this is really good huh?” look}

{my date at the sushi bar. yes, he just sits there…. and cries like a baby if you put him down}

{the chef taking a break for some tuna nigiri and wasabi – my favorite}

{a very precise rolling technique}

{the chef’s final and original creation the “Dansai” inside: crab mix, avo, cucumber, rice and outside: avo, tuna and salmon topped with spicy Sriracha sauce}

{doitashimashite… “thank you very much” in Japanese}


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