wedding DIY weekend.

This past weekend’s extra rainy weather was the perfect backdrop for working on wedding projects with Colby. A few months ago she booked a flight to come out for the long holiday weekend so we could get started on a bunch of her wedding DIY projects. It was pouring rain in Phoenix but we didn’t mind – we had the fireplace going, the champagne popped, pajamas on (matching but totally unintentional), 45 glue sticks (no joke), 100+ yards of fabric, lace & ribbon, and enough projects to keep us busy for days. Ashton, Colby’s lil sis and my co-moh, drove up from UofA on Sunday to entertain us and lend a helping hand – thank goodness.
Our backs were killing us but it was worth it – we got a lot accomplished. All the guest welcome bags are done, the favor boxes are wrapped, all the black lace is cut, candles are glitter sprayed, we put Vicky’s Cricut to good use, discussed bachelorette plans and even added a new pop of color to the scheme after seeing the mock table setting (which I’m obsessed with). Although Colbs said she wouldn’t care if I posted photos of our work, I don’t want to spoil the surprises. Let’s just say it’s going to be stunning.
Here are some behind the scenes photos of the crafty weekend. Hardly our most glamorous photos – but such a fun weekend. Sadly, the two nights we actually got dressed and left the house – once for Modern Steak with Stephanie and the other for Postino with Ting and Ashton – we didn’t take pictures. We did however, celebrate a successful weekend with lots of wine.
{the bride to be hard at work}
{ribbon and lace and gold paper, oh my!}
{part one of this project}
{unintentional twins – swear}
{hunter kept an eye on the trail mix for us. great helper}
{a new pop of color in the scheme is absolutely worth celebrating}
{day two – Ashton has arrived. phew}
{I love Colby’s look – keeping an eye on Ashton’s work}
{see hunter? told you he’s keeping an eye on the trail mix}
{can you all Cricut, can you Cricut?}
{pretty much delirious at this point}
{Ashton had no idea what a DIY weekend meant… she has a new appreciation for weddings}
{swapping back massages}
{our one photo from a night out}
Stephanie & Kelsey stopped by for a bit on Sunday. Hunter was very curious about Kelsey who thankfully didn’t mind his kisses and flirted right back. We didn’t let Steph sit long before putting her to work on crafts.
{that face says it all}


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