a DIY white picket fence dream come true.

Our house has been a seemingly never ending work in progress. Too many times than I’d like to admit our friends have asked, “what are you doing this weekend?” and we’ve replied, “working on the house (insert sigh).” Rewarding, but annoying.
Well, as of last weekend I think those days have come to an end – for reals. We have a new shower door to install but I think we’re pretty much done. (Well, as done as we’re going to be since there’s always going to be something you can do, right?)
The big finale was getting the white picket fence installed in the front yard. I have to give Danny kudos – it was a big undertaking. He designed the layout (more complicated than you’d think), had the brick columns done, dug holes and poured concrete to set the fence posts, ordered all the fence supplies online, measured and cut the panels to size and got it hung up. My measly job was getting all the fence panels cleaned (they’ve been sitting on the side of our house getting gross for a year) and I thought that was tough.
A big task – but it’s done, looks great and we’ve already enjoyed wine and sushi on the front patio with Huntie.
I seriously can’t believe we’re pretty much done with the house. We never thought the day would come.
{day one: getting holes dug, fence posts in the concerte and make sure they’re level and straight}
{our little helper}
{drilling into brick does not look easy}
{measuring and cutting the panels down to size. little plastic shavings everywhere}
{cranking the tunes to keep us going}
{we’re half way there! i love the string and line level – never seen that before}
{halfway view from the other end}
{time to mark our lines and slice off the tops}
{huntie was in charge of the skill saw}
{cleaning for nine hours. no joke. my hand was bruised}
{i can’t wait for spring to come and all the trees to fill out}
{my favorite area inside the fence. i love that the tree is on the inside}


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