worn with love.

It’s funny how after your wedding is over and you’re back from the honeymoon, it’s almost impossible to do anything wedding related. It was for me anyway. I’ll never forget coming home from Europe to our guest room filled with boxes of used candles, vases, gifts & cards, lace tablecloths, extra personalized napkins, dried bouquets, spools of ribbon and lace, leftover programs, favor boxes and a very dirty wedding dress. 
It was too bittersweet to look at it all, so I closed the door and walked away. A couple months later I forced myself to decide what to keep. The process was too overwhelming so everything ended up in a large plastic tub labeled “wedding mementos” – do you really just throw stuff away? I couldn’t.  
A few weeks ago, I decided it was time to dig out my wedding dress and have it professionally cleaned… after all, we did get married in September 2009 (1.5 years ago). I gasped a little when I saw it. Make up everywhere, a button missing, ripped lace and black silk – I guess this was inevitable since both our wedding ceremony and reception took place outside but yikes. 
The cleaners asked me if they could keep it for a couple weeks to really work on it. Sure, I say. Then he chuckles, “I’m assuming you’re not in a hurry to get this back?” Nope. I thought about telling him to keep that joke to himself but you could tell it’s a favorite of his. I think most girls would agree – as much as I’m “over” the wedding, it still stings a teeny bit to be reminded that you’ll never wear the dress again or be the bride. 
So last night I picked up my dress and it’s pretty much good as new. The same man smiled when he saw me and said, “based on your dress, we all agreed that you probably had a lot of fun at your wedding. Good for you! Some girls bring in their dresses and they look brand new. You really wore that dress!”
It made me smile. I really did have a ton of fun, and I’m okay with a little physical evidence to prove it.

{before cleaning}

{after cleaning}
{if you’re in Phoenix, I highly recommend Bell Drapery & Cleaners on 7th Street & Sheridan}
{the “something blue” stitching inside my dress, TLS & DJB 09/06/09. photo by studiocastillero}
now it’s time for my dress to go into the hope chest with the other wedding gowns & veils. 
that is, until one day when my daughter wants to wear it, right? 
wink. wink. 

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