leprechaun traps.

I remember the first time I said something to Danny about leprechaun traps – he looked at me like I had four heads. “You never made leprechaun traps?” Um no, he said.

Well, my brothers and I did… especially Steven, my younger brother. He’d stay up all night making the most elaborate traps using boxes, sticks, strings and tiny pots of gold coins to lure the leprechauns in. Of course he never caught one, but he always came close and their little green leprechaun footsteps were there to prove it (yup, my mom would create glittery green trails and make tiny leprechaun clothes to leave behind).

Until I was an adult, I never really realized how fun holidays were around my house. My parents went all out for everything – and still do for the grandkids.

Last night was the annual “Leprechaun Party” at my parent’s house in San Diego which included my mom’s traditional St. Patty’s corned beef and cabbage dinner – plus all things green. We heard that Jayden was all decked out and super excited about the leprechauns. It’s fun to watch our traditions get passed down. Thanks for the photos, Heather!

happy st. patty’s day
may you find a nice ‘lil pot of gold. or at least a green beer.

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