lunchtime power hour.

Danny and I are lucky if we get to bed before midnight. We’re not really night owls and aren’t trying to stay up, but during the week it just seems almost impossible to be ready for bed any sooner. You know the drill… you run an errand or two on your way home from work, get home, walk the dog, make dinner, sit down in front of the TV, chat, unwind, clean-up dinner and then get ready for bed…. midnight.

Notice anything missing from that post-work list? Yes, the gym.

Maybe we are night owls because we’re absolutely not morning people. We’d love to be morning people. Ahhhh, to be that couple who gets up an extra hour before work, makes a smoothie, scrambles an egg white and sits on the patio while reading the morning paper together. Do people like that exist (that aren’t retired or jobless)? If so, we envy you. It sounds glorious. But let’s be real, Danny and I slam the snooze until the very last minute and typically find ourselves racing out the door.

So, since those are our typical nights and mornings we’ve decided to commit to the lunchtime power hour workout. If you’re like us, it’s usually midday when you start to give yourself the mental pep talk, “Tonight, I’m going to the gym. I’m going to get home and go to the gym – tonight’s the night!” And then… someone calls to schedule a happy hour that you can’t miss. End of story.

Well, no more excuses. The corporate building I work in has a full gym in the basement. Who knew? They offer 45-minute power classes over the lunch hour and I’m loving it. My girlfriend Angela and I have been going since early January and are kind of obsessed. It’s an awesome break in the day, you get to sleep in and go to happy hour plus we’re not snarfing down giant lunches anymore. Yes!

{our super cool locker keys – hot pink obviously. yup, those are our showers and scale}

{lockers #113 and #127. super cool}

{our fave classes are HardCORE, Boxercise, Pilates, Yoga and Body Blast. Boom}

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  • Reply March 24, 2011

    Rachel + Mikis

    you guys are so stinking cute! good for you! mikis and I are totally in that rut. maybe I need to try your method :).

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