welcome to the world baby girl.

Our hearts filled with love this morning as we welcomed Tricia and Earl’s first baby into the world. Tricia did wonderfully, and as expected, Earl was a supportive husband and right by her side the entire time. Together, the rest of us anxiously waited all night long for baby girl to arrive.

She’s beautiful, alert and her family is head over heels in love. No name just yet. Congratulations Bocktings… Vicky & Joe – you’re grandparents, Danny – you’re officially an uncle, and Meme and Grandma Peggy are great grandmas! What a wonderful day for our family.

Baby Girl Montgomery
Born on March 3, 2011 at 4:37 a.m. 
7 pounds 3 ounces
20.5 inches long

{baby’s first photo… looking at her mama}
{earl had just walked out to tell us everything went well. i love everyone’s expression}
{i love this photo}

{grandma meeting baby for the very first time}

{glowing new mama}

{little pea in a pod}

{brand new grandparents. already totally in love}

{aunt teri is sooooo boring. yawn}

{danny, “she’s really really cute and doesn’t look like an alien.”}
{grandma can’t take her eyes off baby girl}

{perfect little family}

{i really love her look in this picture… getting so upset. wrap me up! wrap me up!}

{i’m pooped}

{earl’s dad… big earl}

{she is already gripping tricia’s finger… mom, let’s be best friends}

{i love holding the burrito}

{we did it!}

{perfectly precious}
 Here’s a link to some awesome maternity photos of Tricia and Earl. She was all belly!


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