ain’t that the truth.

If you’re those dog people (like us) then you probably love this quote as well. How true is that?
I was reading an interview with the President of the French Bulldog Rescue Network (here) and I think he summed up the Frenchie perfectly… “They are a big dog personality in a small package. They are comical and very people-oriented. They were bred to be a companion dog and they take that job very seriously… having to share your chair, your bed, your dinner!” So true and we wouldn’t have it any other way.
Danny was in Denver last night for work, but at least I had my furry, 30-pound, snorting son to snuggle with. I mean, seriously, Hunter? He really thinks he’s a human baby. Ridiculous.
{what you can’t see is that his legs are wrapped around my other side}


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