birthday love for quinnster.

happy birthday, quinnster
Where would I/we even start? I had to plug in the backup hard drive to dig up old photos, and that doesn’t even include the shoe boxes filled with printed pictures. Yup, the three of us go way back and I’m so glad. Without a doubt, you’re the most loyal friend anyone could ever ask for and there’s no question that we’ll be spending Memorial Day weekend on Coronado Island together for ever and ever. 
Thanks for being a pseudo big brother to both me and Ting for the past decade. You’ve taught us both how to be better friends, better listeners, better back massagers, why Nestle & Brandt beef are best, a whole lot about sports, the value of traditions and how to create the perfect commemorative t-shirt. 
We love ya, Quinnster. Hope the Minneapolis sun comes out for you today. If we lived close, we’d celebrate with cinnamon bread with whipped frosting and sprinkles (made by you). Just sayin’.

{quinnster our amazing wedding minister}
{spring break 2004?}

{the ultimate UA wildcat}

{the phoenix open 2002. jason, quinnster and danny. soooo young}

{the king of weddings}

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