my iMovie debut : Coachella 2011

I love taking photos and videos. I love capturing moments (especially since my husband’s memory is sub-par).
But let’s be real, what do you ever really do with video clips? It’s hardly “footage” but rather bunches of 20-second or 1-minute clips from various events and happenings. Sadly for me, these clips seem to live (and die) in the depths of my computer’s hard drive rarely to be watched again.
Well, I decided to give film editing a whirl and I’m already pretty obsessed. I opened iMovie (didn’t even know this was on my Mac), watched an online tutorial and was determined to create a watchable Coachella ’11 video. I’m pretty excited with the results and can’t wait to go back and start creating these little movies for past and future events. An added bonus is being able to add your own music – which is huge me for me – since a song can take me right back to a time and place.
So without further adieu… my iMovie video debut!
{ideally, watch in fullscreen and with the sound on}songs used in the video :: cut copy “lights & music” + scissor sisters “i don’t feel like dancin'” + empire of the sun “walking on a dream”
all performed live at coachella ’11.


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