rainy weekend recap.

The weekend’s forecast was rain so we didn’t make many plans but ended up keeping busy. 
what we did…
a great friday happy hour turned dive bar hopping. some pool & jukebox domination.  
spring cleaning, clothes purging and serious closet organizing.
(why is it so hard for women to get rid of clothes, shoes & accessories? danny thinks because we want to have a full closet. 
i think it’s because we know how quickly styles come… go… and come back again. regardless, it’s tough.)
danny built columns on our patio to hide the ugly metal bars – and pouted the whole time. 
(before & after photos coming soon)
a last minute trip down to tucson on saturday night. huntie’s on spring break this week.
mexican food dinner out in tucson with vicky & joe. 
lots of friendship bracelet making. 
sunday night take-out chinese, downloading new music albums and our tv lineup. 
{crazy weather. i loved every second of the rain}

{cheap beer, pool and jukebox control… until it got unplugged}

{winter clothes officially packed away. time for spring}

{the clothes i haven’t worn in years}

{danny’s weekend patio project}

{woven friendship}

{sunday night craving}


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