birthday wishes for my big brother.

happy birthday, christopher. are you really 36? holy smokes.

you know what that means? we have 28 years of memories together and you’re in all of mine from the very beginning. some vivid ones.
watching in amazement as you conquered mario brothers and t&c surf.
always needing you to fix the Nintendo for me (basically you’d blow on it).
spying of you and your girlfriends from the backyard window.
cruising around in your various cars.
getting into mischief at grandma corns’ house.
sneaking into your room in the middle of the night when i’d get scared.
having you draw album covers on my brown paper bag book covers.
the black crows. the wallflowers. stevie ray vaughn. metallica.
you driving back from oklahoma to be there for my birthday (only your left arm sun burnt).

i love you only like a little sister can love a big brother. wishing you the happiest of birthdays.

{this family photo cracks me up. everyone in their own world}


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