friday night date at the arrogant butcher.

We hadn’t been on a proper D&T friday night date night in what felt like ages.
Danny of course thinks I’m ridiculous when I say these types of things since in his words, “we’re always together,” but I disagree. Apparently I can’t get enough.
Anyhoo, last Friday night we kicked things off with a happy hour beer at Zin Burger with Alex before heading downtown to try a new restaurant – The Arrogant Butcher.
The date was great, but the restaurant was just good. The service was awesome and the food was pretty tasty – we had muscles and oysters to start, a burger for Danny and tortelli for me – but there was something missing. Sadly, downtown Phoenix still has a little ways to go. We need more people to get their butts downtown to add to the energy and vibe! Even with a baseball game across the street, the streets and restaurant were dead.
The evening’s entertainment was the poor guy on a date who’s bright blue Corvette ran out of gas on the wrong side of the road right in front of the restaurant patio (pesky one-way streets). The guy looked so lost so Ting helped push him to the side of the road. Then to top it off, the guy came running back with a gas can only to find a cop waiting for him with a ticket and his date looking totally annoyed. We felt awful.
{an unexpected firework display coming from the ballpark}


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