go pita, it’s your birthday.

… and based on the voicemail I got last night, I’m going to guess you partied like it was your birthday last night!

One of my dearest friends, Jenny and I have crammed what feels like a lifetime of memories into a decade. We’re kinda like a really good cheese, we just keep getting better (or is that wine?). We’re cheese girls.

Life wouldn’t be nearly as fun without Jenny in it. She’s one of the best people I’ve ever met and I know others agree. Besides being the girl who is always up for a good time, Jenny’s that friend you can always count on. In fact, she was there for me during a fatty (pun intended) emotional breakdown in London and saved my life with one little comment in Dallas, Texas.

Pete, you’re one of the most thoughtful, selfless, fun, stylish, hip, worldly and kind people ever. You’ve definitely made your mark on me and I’m so glad. I love our daily chats, our similar fb stalkin’ ways and your love for frenchies.

Cheers to your birthday! Wishing you a day of the beat and butterflies.
{enjoying happy hour with wilbur, ¬†matt & jenny’s frenchie}
{birthday girl in 2004… the year we got you the super awesome banana republic wedges}
{coachella eleven}

{manhattan beach, california. amazing weekend}

{a perfect bridesmaid}

{one of my favorites}

now for some photos & memories from the past
(don’t worry, i was nice.)
{classy ladies. alpha phi date dash in 2002}

{some of my most favorite girls. trident, tucson ’03}
{i’m pretty sure this could be the night jenny got her nickname “pete” aka “pita bread”}

{the night jenny lost (and then found) her heirloom ring in a tranny’s stripper boot. true story}

{we were the featured graduation girls on tucson’s local news. we were very excited}

{eh… west side, east side?}
{pre-party. spring break 2005. acapulco, mexico. “tiff, you’re so pretty… thank you.”}

{such a classic look}

{a snowy central park, nyc in 2005}
keep it classy tonight – just like your birthday in ’04. be sure to have matt help you with a keg stand.

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