recommended read.

I know I’m a little late, but if you haven’t read The Help yet, I highly recommend it. It’s about black domestic servants working in white Southern households in the early 1960s. Be sure to read it before the movie comes out this summer.

Some of my favorite quotes from the book…
“Ain’t that the point? For women to realize we just two people. Not much separates us, not nearly as much as I thought.”

“There is so much you don’t know about a person. I wonder if I could’ve made her days a little bit easier, if I’d tried. If I’d treated her a little nicer.”

“All I’m saying is, kindness don’t have no boundaries.”

“I realized I actually had a choice in what I could believe.”

“Got to be the worst place in the world, inside a oven. You in here, you either cleaning or you getting cooked.”

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