we typically have fresh flowers in our home. it’s just one of my things. i love it and have to have them.
(pssst – see our new ottoman in the corner? remember when i was looking for something printed and fun? found it!)

as a bride-to-be (seems like forever ago now), i saved only photos of big, light pink peony bouquets.
my first trip to the florist and i quickly learned that peonies have a very short season and unless i wanted to move my wedding to a june-ish time frame, i was going to have to pick something else.

since then, i always stock our home with peonies while i can this time of year (trader joes has wonderful bunches for less than $7). in addition to their short season of availability, peonies don’t stay fresh that long (a very high maintenance flower, but so worth it!).

my last two bunches got me thinking about all the things that are best fresh.

bouquet of fresh flowers. 
fresh orange juice.
a freshly washed car.
a fresh manicure and pedicure. 
freshly dry cleaned clothes.
getting fresh.
fresh hair color and cut.
a fresh set of sheets on the bed.
a freshly applied coat of lipgloss.
fresh fruit & veggies.
a freshly washed dog.
fresh cut lawn.
fresh is best.


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