gone swampin’.

Here in Arizona we have something called flood irrigation. It’s primarily only available in older neighborhoods that have lots of grass and trees, and fortunately, both of our homes in Phoenix have been within irrigation areas. Besides being awesome for your trees, grass and plants it’s waaaayyy cheaper than having to water grass and trees the traditional way out here in the desert. 
Here’s how it works. You check your neighborhood schedule to see what time you’re scheduled for flooding – yup, the entire front and back yard floods. Your slot can be at any time of day or night, so typically you hire someone who’s in charge of handling your neighborhood’s irrigation. During your designated time, you’re allowed to open the valve and flood your yard. However, it’s crucial you stay on schedule and close your valve at the right time so the next person can get their water. It’s like dominoes. You can even get fined if you don’t follow the schedule and mess everyone’s water schedule up.
Kinda funny, huh? I sure thought so when I moved to the desert.
Our favorite part is watching Huntie get so excited to “swamp” through the yard. He absolutely loves running through the water and splashing around. I need to get a video.

{this is at the beginning of the flood. the entire yard disappears under water}

{you can’t tell, but we have a soaking wet and muddy (but happy) pig}
{danny handled this night’s flood… he takes his jobs very seriously}


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