happy birthday, my love.

{one of my most favorite photos. dreamy.}
i’ve thought about this post for a couple weeks. where would i even begin? how would i ever sum up my d in a blog post? it just feels silly so i’ve decided to take the short and sweet approach. let’s be real,  nine years of photos, inside jokes, trips around the world and memories would make for a really long post.

so the long and the short of it, i love this man. i really do.
 he’s my super handy danny who can build or fix anything (so sexy).
i find his obsession with headphones, technology and car exhaust sounds cute & endearing.
i love his beard, his ‘lil style and his confidence to be himself. 
i love that he wants to make sure our life is perfectly imperfect and carefree.
i’m obsessed with his killer dance moves.
 i envy his unwavering commitment to his beliefs and feelings.
his love for huntie melts my heart.
i love his sensitive side. the man wouldn’t ever intentionally hurt someone – even a fly (seriously).

i admire how humble he is.
his work ethic and career drive insipres me to be better.
i love his outlook on life, love, work, friendship and family.

yup, he’s my best friend in the whole wide world.
we went from being buddies (oh how i used to hate that nickname) to besties.
he’s my number one leak and knows everything about me
(it’s a little strange how we can’t keep anything from one another). 
he pushes me to be a better, stronger, more balanced person.
he encourages me to look at things differently. he challenges me.
his confidence in me gives me the strength to do things i typically wouldn’t.
with him, i’m not scared to try anything.
life with danny is one, big, fun adventure and i cherish every minute of it.
happy birthday, my love.
i can’t wait to celebrate with my very favorite person all weekend long.

{it’s been a full year of birthday posts. this my friends, may be the last. you know i love you.}

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