my personal public service announcement.

Summer is here so it’s time for my personal PSA. I’m begging you to wear sunscreen.

As someone who battles skin cancer, I’m a regular at the dermatologist’s office. Just a couple weeks ago I was in for a check-up and sure enough they decided to slice yet another little chunk off my back. At this point I’m not too concerned with scarring, but I still get anxiety from the process – the needles, the slicing, the treating of the wound. I’m a huge wimp and always have to wear headphones to calm my nerves.

Sure enough, I got the call that my biopsy came back irregular. It’s not melanoma but a pre-stage called displastic nevis so I had to go back in for more cutting. I’m not pleased.

That being said, I urge all of you to wear sunscreen. No, really – do it. You will still get tan, I promise. And, if you’re naturally dark and “don’t burn” just humor me and throw on some SPF8. Anything. I absolutely love the sun and love being tan but as Danny says, “I’d much rather have you alive and pale than tan and dead.”

Before I get off my soapbox, if any of you still go to tanning beds on a regular basis, please consider spray tanning or lotions instead. I was one of those girls with the “unlimited tanning packages” in college, and at just 23 I was diagnosed with Stage II Melanoma which was on its way to spreading to my lymph nodes. I wound up with a large scar, icky treatment and getting on the every-three-months dermo visit plan. Yeah, being tan isn’t really worth it. I’m not going to tell you to avoid the sun – because I don’t even do that – but be smart about it. Wear a hat to protect your scalp, always wear sunscreen – especially on your face (come on ladies, we’re too young for wrinkles) and try to never get to the point of being burnt. Oh, and be sure to get checked out at least once a year.

Okay, I’m done with the downer talk. But seriously, throw on some sunscreen this summer.

{getting ready to be sliced, again.}


  • Reply June 10, 2011

    Erica Newton

    Oh no, Teri:( Ouch! You poor thing. Thanks for the announcement- I couldnt agree more- you have taught us all such an important lesson. Besides- wrinkles arn’t cool anyway. Not worth it. Thanks for sharing such an important lesson. xx

  • Reply June 10, 2011

    Teri B.

    You’re welcome, Shmizz! I feel a little weird broadcasting it out there but I was one of those girls that thought, “It’s not going to happen to me…” and it did :) Having thick leathered skin really isn’t a good look for any one. I think we tanned enough in college to last us a lifetime – yuck!

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