sin city, here we come.

Yup, we’re off to Las Vegas to celebrate Danny’s birthday!
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It’s strange but true, I’ve never really done Vegas. Sure, I’ve been to Vegas, but not since turning 21 (very key).
The last time I was in Vegas, I was a month shy of being 21. It was Colby’s 21st birthday and she invited a group of girls to celebrate with her in style… limos, tables at clubs, suites at the Venetian… it had all the elements of the perfect weekend minus one thing – my fake ID didn’t really cut it.
Our first night, we got all dressed up and headed to the club where my ID was swiftly taken away. Damn. Colbs spent the night crying in the club because her BFF didn’t get in and I spent the night alone in a hotel room. To top it off, I got a big old speeding ticket on the drive home.
Not the best first impression and I haven’t been back since.
Well, that’s all changing today! A couple weeks ago, we booked tickets to fly to Portland for this weekend. We were going to do the brewery tour and check out the Willamette Valley’s wine country. Since we just did a mini version of that trip over Memorial Day (seen here) we weren’t really feeling it, and a few days ago decided to re-route our tickets to Las Vegas!
I’m really excited and I can tell Danny is loving the idea of playing tour guide and teaching me how to gamble.
Colbs is convinced that this is really a scouting mission for her upcoming bachelorette party. And while there’s a smidge of truth to that, both Ting and I are craving a wild weekend (that’s another thing Colby can’t believe). Her emails and phones calls to us lately have been hillarious. She kinda laughs when she talks about me in Vegas. She’s “nervous” about me going and advised me to not take any “flowy floral dresses.” It’s totally cracking us up. What, are we lame or something? (Don’t answer that)! Colbs – we know you’re kidding.
Jacolby – we will never be the Party King & Queen… you guys will forever have that crown,
but I promise we’ll make you proud this weekend.


  • Reply June 17, 2011

    Nicole Hallan

    You can take floral, flowery dresses- just dont wear them to the clubs :) I want to see some lycra!! :) have fun you two! I have no doubt you’ll make me proud. xo

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