tasty & easy summer fish recipe.

On Sundays, we take a look at what we have on the calendar for the week, plan our meals and get our grocery shopping done. It’s so nice to know what you’re eating that week and you save a lot of time (not running to the store every day or two) and money (double up ingredients for multiple recipes).

Last week, I turned to my favorite cooking blog Forks & Amusement for a light, summery fish meal. We found the Mustard Roasted Fish recipe, added it to our list and made it one night while Vicky was over.

It’s seriously the easiest recipe ever and was really good. The creme fraiche makes it a little sinful, but we cut the recipe in half (1-pound of halibut and only 1/2 the sauce for 3 people) which made me feel a little better. We paired the halibut with sauteed onions and green beans and all loved it and felt really satistfied.

{pardon the not so great display and photo. it was simply intended to send to a friend}

few of our other favorite Forks & Amusement recipes
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And there are so many more on our list to try! I seriously love this blog. The recipes are all super tasty and not too difficult to make. In fact, they’re just challenging enough to make it fun.

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