the day i lose it.

…you can bet good money a dry cleaning tag will be involved.

i love my husband. but i loathe his dry cleaning tags. i just do not understand why they end up on my dresser every. single. day. the bathroom trash can is mere steps away. whhhyyyyy??? and because i’ve (nicely) let him know (multiple times) how much this erks me and yet it continues, i’m starting to think it’s a sick joke. is it, d?
{and yes, i realize i’m pretty damn lucky that this is one of my top complaints. regardless, i’m allowed to vent.}

in his defense, i know exactly what he’s going to say when he reads this. “oh really? why don’t you write about your stupid hair pins (what he calls bobby pins) that are everywhere.”  it’s true. they really are everywhere. the other day he even found one in his shoe. a couple years ago he launched a “zero tolerance policy” against hair pins – if he finds one, he throws it away. rude. 

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