beats and lyrics.

When it comes to music, us and our friends have a thing… you’re either a “beats” or “lyrics” person. My husband and many of my best girlfriends loooove songs but can’t sing you a single lyric. We laugh at them “singing along” to their favorite tunes. These are what we could call “beats” people. And then their are the “lyrics” people. Of course the sound of a song lures these people in, but it’s the lyrics and meaning behind a song that resonates deep down.  I’m a lyrics person. Together, us beats and lyrics people are awesome concert teams – we’ve got the signing and dancing covered. Are you beats or lyrics?
Off the top of my head, some of my favorite lyrics…
“Winter Winds” by Mumford & Sons
We’ll be washed away and buried one day my girl, 
And the time we were given will be left for the world.
The flesh that lived and loved will be eaten by plague, 
So let the memories be good for those who stay.

“Let Me In” by Griffin House
Sometimes you feel a little closer to heaven, 
when you raise a little hell.
“Awake My Soul” by Mumford & Sons
In these bodies we will live, 
In these bodies we will die, 
Where you invest your love, 
You invest your life. 

Hearts on Fire” by Cut/Copy
There’s something in the air tonight
A feeling that you have that could change your life
There’s something burning up inside
I reach out for you and our hearts collide

Tonight we’re going to the Cut/Copy concert with friends and we’re super excited (yay for Friday night shows!). I can’t wait for an awesome hot sweaty dance party and to sing my heart out to all my faves.

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