minnesota on a stick.

nothing says summer in the midwest quite like the minnesota state fair.
together with meg and quinn we took on the crowds,
the live farm animal birthing center (true story),
the zipper” (it will be mine and quinn’s last time on that particular “ride”)
and of course all the “must try” fried favorites & food “on a stick.
we tried fried pickles (my favorite), pronto pups (corn dogs), french fries, tom thumbs (mini donuts), cheese curds (fried cheese), pizza on a stick and a tub of chocolate cookies.
holy moly fried goodness.
{danny checkin’ out the map}
{what’s that you say? oh, that’s miss minnesota’s face carved into a block of butter. real butter}
{it says POP! i loved it this one’s for you carlye}
{….on a stick of course}
{meg couldn’t wait to get her hands on a bag of tom thumbs mini donuts}
{the famous cheese curds. honestly, i was not a fan at all.}
{first cheese curds. i love cheese and i love me some fried goodness but not the curds}
{hydrangea everywhere}
{quinn and i were ready to ride that crazy thing in the sky but for $55 we passed}
{the half of the group up for fair rides}
a little video from down below…
{the boys trying to win us a Reggae Banana}
{free throws: 0/4. the basketballs were “weighted” – darren & danny}
a video – maybe next time boys.
{we kept joking around about pizza on a stick… but of course we found some!}
{another “must try” were the pronto pups – corn dogs but sweeter}
{just a casual tub of dessert}
{my favorite fried food of them all. dipped in ranch – obviously}


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