ode to joy.

Beethoven’s “ode to joy” has been the number one song in our household this week. We can even tell you all the notes… E-E-F-G-G-F-E-D-C-C-D-E-E…
Last Saturday we went to The Cross’ House for dinner and as always it was an absolute blast. When together the four of us (+ Kelsey) laugh the entire time. After spicy shimp tacos, a few bottles of wine and the baby in bed, us adults went for a night swim until a monsoon storm rolled in. Not ready to end the night, we retreated to the den where Ryan showed Danny a few chords on the guitar. Ting did really well! We were all shocked how much he retained.
Ryan’s mini-lesson inspired D to learn some more on his new guitar (seen here) this week. I’m really impressed. He watched a few YouTube tutorials and within a couple hours he was reading sheet music and playing “Ode to Joy” for me and Huntie. Impressed. Keep it up, Ting-a-ling. It’s pretty hot.

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    …aaaand, you’re a pretty impressive pianist. Who knew we were all so musical talented. Well, you three. Me … I’ll be your band’s marketing manager. I’m so proud of Danny! He’ll be jamming out in no time!

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