allegedly autumn.

this is a very confusing time of year for us arizonans. the calendar is telling us today is the first day of autumn, our mailboxes are filled with fall catalogs, store windows are showcasing new wool coats and boots, Starbucks is promoting their pumpkin spiced latte, and Michael’s is overflowing with Halloween decor, but you see, it’s still triple digit weather here in the Valley of the Sun.

so, what are we to do? dress the part for the summer temperatures we feel or for the season the rest of the world is telling us we should be embracing? i have thoughts on this one (and peeves).

i get it. the summers here feel never-ending, but do they? it’s a funny thing this arizona fall. maybe it’s just me, but i feel like about this time every year, i think about all the summer outfits i fully intended to wear – but never did. why is that? i had grandiose plans for things like all my shorts and cropped tanks which barely saw the light of day. perhaps because so many summer inspired looks aren’t necessarily work appropriate and so many weekends are spent lounging around or getting things done so cute shorts, mini skirts and other mini sundresses just never make their way out of my closet. whatever it is, i find it annoying so maybe i’ll cram in some last minute summer looks while the heat still permits – which i think this is totally appropriate and brings me to my next point.

i understand that 100-degree heat in the middle of october is down right annoying and you’re sick of all your summer wear, but the fact is, i feel completely silly wearing coats and boots when it’s 80+ degrees (and that’s even pushing it). i’m not suggesting people be strutting around in october wearing a beach cover-up, but rather be conscience of the temps and do subtle things to embrace the season… incorporate warmer colors like mustard yellows and hunter greens into your wardrobe. wear flats verses sandals. add a light cardigan or fall-inspired headband to your look. burn a pumpkin candle. all ways to feel like you’re embracing the season without being that person breaking a sweat because you’re walking around in fur in 90-degrees… but it’s November, right? Wrong (in my opinion).

these are the times that living in a place with seasons would be so much easier. a place where appropriate clothing for seasons is crystal clear. until then, us arizonans will continue to flounder through this alleged autumn.

what are your thoughts on the topic? i’d love to hear.

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