danny’s new diet.

I’ll admit it. I had beef with Danny’s new diet – pun fully intended.
A couple weeks ago Danny started talking about doing a 30 Day Vegetarian Challenge. We were in bed when he started talking about it and asked me to watch the videos. At that moment, something came over me and I got mad – like sleep in the guest room mad. I refused to watch and he said I was being close-minded.
My thoughts? I know the videos are going to be horrible and since I have no plans of giving up meat ever in my lifetime, I didn’t feel the need to watch videos of animal cruelty. “The chickens can’t even lift their wings because the cages are so small,” says my husband. I snapped back something about not being able to take on all the problems in the world. That there’s all kinds of bad crap that happens every day, but we don’t sit and watch YouTube videos of it all because it would be way too much to bear.
The following days didn’t get any better. Danny would sit on the couch and annoyingly “ooh and ahhh” over delicious vegetarian recipes as he prepared his “vegetarian shopping list.” (Mind you, the kid won’t get near a mushroom, broccoli (unless covered in cheese sauce), cauliflower, sometimes tomatoes, olives, etc.) Just do it with me, he kept saying. No, I kept replying.
A couple weeks ago I finally snapped. I don’t really know why, but perhaps its because I was afraid that if this Veggie Challenge actually stuck we’d have to change our lifestyle. I know that sounds completely ridiculous, but we’re food people. We love nothing more than long dinners and a lot of times they consist of things like wings, hamburgers, Hawaiian pizza, or prosciutto bruchetta. I mean, the kid is basically Mr. Hamburger Man. Everyone knows Danny lives for a burger and a beer.
Well, I came home from Las Vegas to a counter full of vegeterian fare… tofu, vegetables, granola, bok choy, all types of beans and a stack of meatless recipes my husband was pumped to try out.
So, I kept my mouth shut and let him cook away. We had tofu curry with vegetables and brown rice that first night and I have to admit it was really good and right up my alley.
For lunch the next day he had an egg white sandwich with grapes. We had Bocca Burgers another night and he snacked on granola and dried cranberries. Okay not so bad, but huh? Hello! Ting are you in there?
So, here we are. My burger & hot wings loving husband has turned into an animal rights activist backslash health nut. I have no idea if this is going to stick (I honestly hope not – or wait, do I? more wings for me?), but I am proud of him. He’s seriously really excited about the challenge and I can tell he feels great. It’s already been more than two weeks and I’m starting to realize that its not so bad. We can still eat all kinds of things like pizza, veggie & egg scrambles with potatoes (he made homemade hash browns that were delicious), bean & cheese burritos and tasty salads. 
            Oh, p.s. he’s a Pesce-Vegetarian – the kind that eats fish. Thank goodness. We heart sushi!
stay tuned… if any vegetarians are reading this and have some great recipes, send them our way!


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