DIY dudes.

men love to gripe about all things wedding related*, but when it comes down to it, the good ones are willing to roll up their sleeves, grab a glue gun and help. a couple photos colbs and i recently swapped of our men working on the wedding.
here’s jake helping spray paint their favor boxes late one night…
…and danny measuring and cutting lace after a trip to the fabric store. 
colbs, these boys must really love ya. 
*funny lil story. at one point during colby and jake’s engagement, danny and i were out to dinner and of course i was telling him the latest about her wedding progress, the bridal shower, bachelorette party or who knows what else, when he simply grabbed my hand from across the table and said, “i love you, but if you talk any more about this wedding tonight i think i’m actually going to cry.”


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