bottles of liquid gold at encore beach club.

it was one of the most fun days ever. the sun was out, colby had her white heart sunglasses and custom sparkle tulle bridal bow on her tush (thanks, lauren!), the rest of us sported our red hot heart sunglasses & matching beach totes, we danced to live music by Kaskade, had a daybed in the heart of the action, a private spa (which we originally thought was a mini pool), took trips to upstairs cabanas to give out vodka “haircuts”(see photo below, donna & shmer – amazing!), got sprayed by champagne, were gifted bottles and never stopped smiling or bouncing for more than eight hours until the sun went down and we finally got the boot out of encore beach club. unreal. cheers to colby, her flock and an epic day!
{kicked off the day with singing, dancing, champagne & trims in the bridal suite}

{yes, that’s ed hardy champagne}
{exhibit a: “haircut”}
{how amazing is this bow? the bride & the bow maker}
{a bottle of “colby red” wine}
{we’ve arrived! and had no idea what was in store for us}
{that’s me up top and right before i had a little spill}
{i adore this photo. for more reasons that i can list}
{lauren getting our bachelorette party favors ready to go}
{our daybed and spa}
{love these girls}
{matching “flock” tote bags}
{bottle #1 of liquid gold}
{splash pad dance party}
{controlled chaos}
{assessing the damage to my knee after a little spill. thank you lisa & your poor numb fingers for icing me}
{another example of a “haircut”}
{cabana time}
{ l.lips x3}
{woo hoo – steph our fist pumping queen}
{hot tub time}
{a woman saw us having so much fun and gifted us another bottle of liquid gold. so nice!}
{and, it’s officially night. yup, we closed the place down}
{some girls leave pool parties nice and sexy – hair dry, make-up on… not us. drowned rats. LOVE.}
more photos from colby’s bachelorette party here & here.


  • Reply September 16, 2011

    Erica Newton

    LOVE THESE PICTURES!! hahah.. the last one is SOO funny..seriously drown rats! Dripping wet.. not one of us brought a towel… what were we thinking!? SUCH a fun party!

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