prudes: consider yourself warned.

i have that “can’t sleep i’m so excited” feeling right now. my best friend’s bachelorette party is finally here! me +18 other girls are spending our holiday weekend in Las Vegas to celebrate colby! and, this list of girls includes Shmer all the way from Australia. we’re all going to be together!

we’ve spent months planning this weekend (and danny has spent months listening, bless him) to make sure it’s perfect down to every last detail. a girl only gets one bachelorette party, so its gotta be good – especially for a party girl like our colbs. yup, my bff loves to party (we really are yin and yang, i opted for a wine tasting trip in santa barbara (which i’ll add was seriously ridiculous and perfect)). for a year now, we’ve all joked that we’re “scared” of what’s to come and have been “preparing” ourselves (and livers) for Colby’s bachelorette party. She’s that fun.

before i go any further, let me remind you that this is a bachelorette party. the bridal shower is a place for etiquette, but the bachelorette party is where us girls really have some creative (and mildly vulgar) good fun. 

because colby is often called a “peacock” (inside joke), we’ve coined our group “Colby’s Flock of Cock” (peacock! get your mind out of the gutter!). During the day, everyone will know this Flock by our matching tanktops (with the logo below), peacock hair clips and more. For the evening festivities, we’re playing on Colby’s love for the color red and we’ll all be “Painting Sin City Colby Red” – the bride in white and the rest of us in glam inspired red and black ensembles.

our Flock is staying at the super girly Cosmpolitan of Las Vegas, spoiling Colby with a private lingerie shower & bachelorette games, will be dancing the night away at Marquee Nightclub and has reserved a daybed for the all-day pool party at Encore Beach Club where Kaskade (a world famous DJ) will be spinning live! Click here to listen to one of my fave Kaskade songs.

excited is an understatement.

i apologize if you’re offended by our weekend logo created by my talented friend ben. it’s simply a bachelorette peacock with a martini, heels, veil, eyelashes and peacock just didn’t have the same ring to it. wink. wink.

i anticipate 90% of the photos taken this weekend will not be blog appropriate, but i’ll share what i can.
have a splendid holiday weekend

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