so much to celebrate.

i’m alive and well.
 i’m great actually, minus the black & blue knee, the torn muscle in my back, sore neck & lost voice.
yup, all signs that i got back from vegas (one of the best weekends ever) late monday night.
(more on that coming soon) 
tuesday was right back to reality (work) + a class that night until 8:30pm.
yet d and i still managed to squeeze in a little second wedding anniversary celebration.
i came home around 9pm to a flowering plant, two cards (one for my birthday and one for our anniversary which was so sweet it made me cry) and two new shirts.
i asked, “are the shirts for my birthday? kinda random.”
danny, “nope, the traditional second anniversary gift is cotton. i thought you’d like clothes more than a towel.”
ha! he’s so clever.
we spent the night alone with a board & a bottle at postino and it was wonderful.

{pardon the iPhone quality}

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