a day just for me.

our company has the old use-it-or-lose-it policy for vacation days and as the end of the year approaches, i surprisingly have a handful of days still available (clearly, we have a very generous time off package). it’s the first year we haven’t taken “a big trip” that’s eaten up a bunch of my days, so last week i decided to take monday (today) off.

it’s pretty awesome. it’s very rare for me to have a day off to just be at home and do anything that i want (i think this may be a first since my days are usually reserved for trips). i have grandiose plans for this day — too much — so i’m trying to focus on one thing at a time.

you see, i have a big ‘ol list of photo projects that i’ve been wanting to get done and most of them simply require me, my laptop and time. so, that’s the goal of today – spend time working on these things (perhaps even complete one?!). i’ve got three episodes of project runway on my DVR to play in the background, a pot of coffee and a cuddly pig on the couch. pretty awesome.

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