dinner with the dudes at st. francis.

one of our dearest friends from college is in town for a conference and staying with us for a couple nights. last night i came home from work to find danny and dan happy as clams enjoying beers on our back patio. some things will never change (and i love it). the boys were nice enough to invite me along to dinner with them and scott. because the evening weather is so perfect right now we headed to st. francis, an all-around awesome restaurant. everything from the space, food, vibe, music and cocktail selection is spot-on. it’s hard to beat fun nights with good friends.

{air guitar}
{our dear dan}
{patio lights make everything prettier}
{now one of my favorite photos. this is so candid and captured both of their natural mannerisms}
{baked goat cheese, yes please}
{scott coffey lovin’}
{inside/outside bar area}


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