labor of love – DIY wedding florals.

this wedding was a labor of love. so many people came together to make it special for colby and jake.

the timing of mine and ting’s arrival in san diego was spot on. as we were checking-in to the hotel, colby and jake pulled up with a car stuffed full of wedding stuff. along with her family, i got to greet the bride the second she arrived for her wedding weekend! from that point forward, there was never a dull moment.

lisa and lauren took charge of the flowers – everything from finding a wholesale florist, calculating the order and then helping me and jenny channel our inner florists. on friday, a group of us took over the bridal condo (thank goodness we had so much space and multiple sinks) and worked on flowers nonstop from 10 a.m. – 5 p.m. we made 15 centerpieces, 1 bridal bouquet, 7 bridesmaid bouquets, 13 boutonnieres and 6 wrist corsages! it was lots of work, but seriously so much fun. we had the music going, room service snacks and we were all together as the bride got settled in and greeted family and guests as they arrived for the festivities.

on top of the flowers, we assembled the welcome bags for hotel guests, stuffed 120 favor boxes with “N & B” chocolates, wrapped water bottles with custom labels and made buttons for the seating board.

 {hundreds of flowers to be unwrapped, de-leafed, trimmed and put into water}

 {we got resourceful and used champagne buckets to keep our flowers in water}

 {centerpiece making time}

{the florists}
{i may be bias, but absolutely gorgeous!}
 {bridesmaid bouquets with chocolate cosmos – so pretty! stored in the shower, duh}
 {colby with her little brother eric. such an awesome view from suite 1805}
 {before the bomb went off in the condo – cart after cart arriving filled with wedding things}
 {ting and colbs taking in the view}
 {love them}
 {our first photo of the weekend! we’re here!}
 {colbs greeting family as they arrived. this is betty jo}
 {our view from the other direction – looking out towards balboa park}
 {jake holding one of our wrapped water bottles for the welcome bags}
 {the welcome bags getting stuffed! remember when we made them this DIY weekend?}
{colby’s grandma joan took the diamonds from her mother’s wedding ring and had them put into this bracelet for colby. so special.}
 {joan and colby after she gifted her the bracelet}
Oh, and in case you’re wondering what the boys were up to while we were working on wedding things…
biking riding to balboa park
having brunches
lawn bowling lessons with an 85-year-old man named tom
checking out the local bar scene
laying out by the pool
{reed & ting biking around san diego}


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