new belgium beer festival.

Over the weekend, we loaded up our bikes and rode to the annual “Tour de Fat” in Tempe (more about the festival here). Our group decided on a simple theme – hats – which ended up being perfect since the temperatures were unseasonably hot… like too hot. Alicia was the most creative one in the group with a lovely unicorn ensemble.
The temperatures had all of us festival goers seeking any sliver of shade we could find, but we still had a good time. Post-festival we bike caravaned over to good ‘ol Casey Moores where we managed to get lucky and snag a table in the shade and ended the day at the Coach House.
(Eh, well, technically the Tings ended the night at Filberto’s, but we agreed all the biking justified the loaded nachos… and a bean burrito. Don’t judge.)
{the corn and her horn}
{the ting’s are here – champagne, beer & sunscreen in the six-pack}
{time to sunscreen-up and get ready for the “fall” weather}
{we all had a ton of funny with scottie’s scottish cap}
{shade and hydration… clearly expert festival goers}
{the unicorn leads the way through the magical greenbelt}
{my beach cruiser decor}
{nick absolutely won for best bike decor design}
{the tings in tempe}
{the young festival goers collect cups to turn in for prizes – genius}
{confetti to celebrate the girl who committed to trade her car in for a bike for an entire year}
{danny’s “sorry for partying” twin}
{teamwork – that’s how ting rolls}
{shade and misters at casey moores… amen}


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    Wow this looks like tons & TONS of fun! Love the “sorry for partying” shirt! lol. btw: found u thru cupcakes & cashmere, I decided to check out other blogs today & loved urs, decided to follow & would love it if you passed by my blog & followed back, or you can pass by my new fb page & like. Thanks! Can’t wait to sneek a peek at all your other posts! :)


  • Reply October 19, 2011

    Teri B.

    hi reyna! thanks for stopping by and following along. i’ll be sure to check out your blog! – teri

  • Reply October 21, 2011

    Maria @ Orchard Bloom

    wow, your photos are amazing. Looks like you had a fabulous time!

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