taking our sushi game to the next level.

now that ting and i are getting more confident in our sushi making abilities (our first time seen here), we decided to take our menu to the next level by making our own shrimp tempura. i loved it. we’re keeping it on the menu.

a lot of people ask us how we learned to make sushi – it was all by watching online tutorials. we found a great YouTube channel “Japan Housewife Sushi” with great videos – everything from the basics like how to make sticky rice to the more advanced stuff. it’s honestly really easy and super fun to make at home (not to mention way less expensive), especially after you have everything!

i’ve been browsing Etsy for some cool sushi stuff and fell in love with this set… how awesome is it? 
this woodgrain set also caught my eye… found here
also, don’t you just love these porcelain fortune cookie chopstick pillows? 
{found in this etsy shop}


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    Reply October 11, 2011


    wait – you were allowed to fry something? Did you let the fire department know first? ;)

    Looks delicious!

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    Reply October 11, 2011

    Teri B.

    ha! so true right? i stay away from deep frying anything now – that all lands on danny’s lap. especially when the “how to make shrimp tempura” video shows the hot pan/grease catching fire!

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    Reply October 11, 2011


    Im not anonymous- im erica- but it says enewton8 is blocked from this page.. hmm

    YUM!! This looks amazing!!

    I love sushi- and making it too! I’ll have to try your recipe!

    I havent made much sushi since we’ve been in Australia- cause they have “fast food sushi” (Thats what i call it anyway..) where you buy a roll at the counter- and pour your little fish shaped packets of soy sauce and wasabi straight on to the roll – then take a bite.
    Dyllan loves it too- every time we pass by the sushi stand- she points and yells “shushi, shushi!!”

    You HAVE to get the here fishy fishy, FISHY set- its so cute!

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    Reply October 12, 2011

    Teri B.

    I love that the dyll pickle is already a sushi lover. She’s so fancy!

    I REALLY want to get the Fishy set but it’s $150, so I can’t really justify it right now. BUT, you better believe it’s on the christmas list already :)

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