worn to death.

sad. my favorite right hand ring just broke and fell off. i’ve worn it pretty much every day since i bought it at the young designers market in nyc. it was a memento from one of the most awesome girls trips. for labor day 2006, seven of us flew to nyc to visit jenny. the eight of us stayed in her tiny nyc apartment – literally on top of each other with all our luggage and shared a single bathroom & shower. it was one of those weekends where everything just worked out. the weather was gorgeous, we’d walk into a crowded trendy restaurant and a table of eight would just happen to be getting up, the dj at the bar would just happen to be playing all of our favorite sing-a-long tunes… stuff like that. we were city girls together for three days and loved every minute of it.

looks like it’s time for a new right hand ring… hint hint, ting. hello?


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